Annual Grants

Success Stories

Over the last century, the Cooke family has played a pivotal role in establishing and perpetuating key cultural, educational, environmental and historic preservation institutions in Hawaii. To honor the deep and lasting relationships between the family and the organizations that carry on the legacy of these institutions, the Cooke Foundation has established an annual grants program. Reserved for only a number of carefully selected family affiliated organizations, annual grants are awarded using a set of stringent requirements and qualifications. Organizations are not able to apply for an annual grant. Rather, these grants are decided at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees after substantial and thoughtful consideration. Presently, the Cooke Foundation proudly awards grants on an annual basis to five Hawaii institutions:

The Honolulu Museum of Art
Hanahauoli School
Manoa Heritage Center
The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii
Molokai Land Trust

The annual grants gifted to these institutions reflect a profound level of trust between the Foundation, the individuals who run these organizations and the important work they do in our community. They embody our shared vision, symbiotic relationship and mutual desire to ensure that the positive impact of each organization continues. We are hopeful that through our committed and sustained support, the Cooke Foundation annual grants program will give each of our beloved institutions the power to pursue their activities in a bold, innovative and progressive manner, in furtherance of their mission and for the betterment and welfare of the people of Hawaii.