Making a Difference

Planned Giving

In 1920, the forerunner of the Cooke Foundation, Ltd., the Charles M. and Anna C. Cooke Trust, was created by Anna C. Cooke. The funding for the Trust was 300 shares of Charles M. Cooke, Ltd. It is essentially those 300 shares, reinvested and prudently managed over the course of a century, which have grown to become the $20+ million Foundation that we are today. In these modern times, a Foundation of this asset size is considered relatively small. To amplify the work that the Cooke Foundation supports in our island home, we invite you to consider augmenting the Endowment Fund through a one-time gift or planned giving. If you are a member of the Cooke Family, a friend of the family, admirer or someone who has been touched personally by the Foundation’s work, you can now become a permanent part of the work we do and remembered into perpetuity.

The Cooke Foundation Legacy Society

Established in 2020 in celebration of the Cooke Foundation, Ltd., Centennial year.

Become part of the legacy through various options:

  • Make a One-Time Gift
  • IRA Charitable Rollover
  • Donate Stock
  • Life Insurance
  • Include the Cooke Foundation in your will or living trust.
For more information about planned giving options or to make a gift today, please contact Elizabeth Lentz-Hill at the Hawaii Community Foundation at (808) 566-5543 or